our promise

Sustainability Matters

We strive to ensure that our products have a story worth sharing, achieved through the use of thoughtfully chosen, sustainably sourced paper and wood materials and local production facilities.

our production

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Although we still have room for improvement, our partnership with 80 printing partners across 23 countries enables us to produce your customized prints in a more sustainable manner, closer to your location. By producing locally, we can significantly reduce shipping distances. This approach not only ensures quicker delivery, but also reduces our carbon footprint.

our materials

Sustainably Produced

We take pride in using FSC certified paper® for our JJDH posters, which guarantees that the paper meets the highest environmental standards. Our choice of heavy, museum-grade paper is intended for long-lasting durability, allowing you to enjoy your wall art for many years to come.

The wood we use for our frames and hangers also meets FSC®standards.